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Computer Help For Adults in Hamilton, Dundas & Ancaster & Burlington

One on One Personal Support in Your Home - Specializing in working with Seniors

Computers, Laptops, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones

Cogeco Cable Boxes, TiVo, Facebook, Netflix, & much more!

Tech Support

I can help you  discover the joys of learning and ease your frustrations.  don't feel left out when friends & family use vocabulary that bewilders or dismays.... 

flexible schedules
tailored to your needs
Working in your home
explore the internet

Is to make the digital world accessible for adults and seniors.  Help you connect with family and friends through eMail, VideoChat, Social Media, texting and Facetime. Learn to manage your contacts, create documents & lists, download photos, send attachments and much more...

Learn, without pressure, in the comfort of your own home, working at your own pace. 

patient & friendly

computer help for adults...

Not just computers & laptops! ipads, tablets, smartphones smart tv's & pvr's

m​y Main Goal

b​e Involved

Do you belong to a group that wants to be more effective fund raising & finding new members? Book a Twitter or Facebook Seminar and I can help you increase your reach!

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