Cyber Seniors

Cyber Seniors is an intergenerational project bringing students and seniors together to create videos.

Click the link below to view the Youtube video 

In December 2016 we brought students from grades 6, 7 & 8 at the Burlington Christian Academy,  together with some residents of LaSalle Park Residential Community. They created 8 videos which were uploaded to Youtube.  We then held a contest to see who would get the most hits over the next 5 days.  Burlington businesses on Brant Street were very generous and donated great prizes for the winners!

The pilot project was a great success, all the participants, as well as the teachers and employees at LaSalle really enjoyed the experience and Burlington Cable 23 did a wonderful piece on the project.  Using the link above you can view the TV interview and follow the playlist to view the videos that were created.

I hope to repeat this project this year with other groups and am working on a proposal for a special series celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday!

                                                           Stay tuned for more...

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