Computer Help For Adults

             ​One on One Support in Your Home

​                                      in Hamilton

For almost nine years it has been my honor, and pleasure to provide support and education to hundreds of older adults, maybe thousands, through classes and workshops - as well as personal one on one appointments.  In this time technology has made even greater, and faster strides, leaving many folks feeling overwhelmed.  But - as CoVid bitterly taught us, there is no getting away from it now.  So, in addition to my mission to be there to set up devices properly, making sure security is in place to protect Seniors, that you are paying the proper price for the best internet, and know how to use your devices - I have another mission, and that is to work to see that all these new programs and devices being developed for Seniors - are actually USER FRIENDLY

                                                                        Thanks for listening


NO Fear


My first priority is to remove any

anxiety that you may 'break' your device, or that you cannot learn to use the new technologies




I invite you to enjoy and discover the benefits of being tech savvy.

Computer Help For Adults One On One Support in Your Home In Hamilton


That everyone, regardless of their age:


  • Has the power to learn

  • Is curious & creative

  • Can succeed

No two people have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why I tailor your sessions to suit your needs. One-on-one support in your home means help is on it's way, in a way that works for you!

So whether it's your desktop computer or laptop, an iPad or tablet, a new Smart Phone or your Smart TV or Remote Control,

I can help!