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  • Learn about apps
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Support & Fun!

Together we can enjoy our time as you learn to use programs, install software,  Word, Excel and Power Point. Upload pictures from your digital camera, edit, send to have printed, or print yourself at home. If you have a scanner I can help you scan older family photos and convert them to digital which can then be emailed or printed.  

Aside from computing I can show you how to record TV programs, as it is broadcasting or set up for future recordings, use the search and guide functions, set up Netflix and many other regular TV and smart TV features.  Learn to Install APPS or Browse the Internet on Your TV, Sync your Phone...

Learn to use your cell phone, set up your phone book, take photos, email, surf the web, play games.

​eReaders - how to use them, add books from the library (certain devices), set text size, etc.

Geek Speak Free Advice on Purchasing Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers & TV's

Support & Expert Knowledge in Dealing with Internet/Cable/TV Providers & Migration

Training & Support for Selling Your Stuff on Marketplace or Kijiji

Tips & Help to Shop & Browse on Line Safely - Grocery, Travel, Household goods...

Explore & Learn

Together we can compose emails, navigate email programs, learn to send attachments, create and organize a file system for saving mail, set up your contacts and address book, prepare mailing lists, and set up separate group contacts. 

           Computer Help For Adults

             ​One on One Support in Your Home

​                                      in Hamilton